The iND80230 low power wireless microcontroller consists of a highly integrated 32-bit general purpose ARM M0 based microcontroller and 433 MHz ISM Band Transceiver and operates from a low power, low voltage supply.

The integrated wireless transceiver operates in the 433 MHz ISM band with capability from 310MHz – 450 MHz. It has a maximum transmit power of +13dBm and a receive sensitivity in excess of -110dBm. The power consumption of the transceiver leads the industry with 4mA of current consumption in receive mode and 18mA at maximum output power.

The iND80230 also integrates 160kB of flash RAM and 8kB of SRAM on die for feature-rich applications or applications requiring redundancy of data storage. It integrates multiple clocking options including a high accuracy (1%) 12MHz RC oscillator, low power (<1uA) 10kHz auxiliary clock, 30MHz crystal oscillator, and watchdog timer for high performance, low power designs.

The device peripherals include a total of 19 general purpose I/O ports available to the user. The device also integrates an 8-10 bit ADC (SAR architecture).

In addition, the iND80230 offers a UART interface option through the use of GPIO pins and also has a UART and an SPI interface.

The iND80230 operates from a DC supply with a range from 2.5 – 3.6V and is suitable for IoT applications and consumer goods such as key fob switches. The device is packaged in low cost 5x5mm QFN and QFP packages.


Parameter Name Value Comments
Flash 160kB
GPIOs 19
LED Drivers2  2
RF 433MHz ISM-band integrated tranceiver
ADC 1×8-10bits
ADC Channels 1×19
Others  PIR
Power Supply 2.5-3.6V
Operation Temperature -40C ~ +85C
Package 5×5 QFN/QFP


catgory Link Upload Date
Datasheet iND80230_Herzog_datasheet_rev1.1.pdf  2018/02/25
Product Brief herzog-ProductBrief.pdf  2018/02/25
User Guider iND80230_Herzog_starter_guide_rev0.2.pdf  2018/02/25
 Schematic iND80230_Herzog_schematiconly_EVKit_rev1.0.pdf  2018/02/25
 SDK HerzogSDK_R0116_00.00.01.10606-tag.zip  2018/02/25