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WuXi Indie Microelectronics Ltd is a leading supplier of automotive Mixed-signal semiconductor in China. We have mature automotive chip R&D, operation and mass production capabilities, with an average of 20 years of semiconductor industry experience in core staff.

Founded in 2017, Indie Microelectronics is focusing on automotive grade Mixed-signal processing chips and total solutions. Our first automotive device has been in production since 2019. Our products, covering lighting and motor control application, have entered the mainstream car OEM supply chain, with cooperation with over 100 domestic and international automotive TIER1. In addition, to maintain the market and technology barriers of existing cash flow products, our company will also introduce new breakthroughs in a number of new in-vehicle applications each year.

Based upon mature IP owned by ourselves, Indie Microelectronics is actively entering x- by-wire chasis application and body control domain related driver products. We will also launch solutions on ADAS and function safety control, which have formed a high technical and market barrier.

The company has accumulated a large number of mature automotive analog digital mixed IP with excellent sales teams and disty channels. Forward innovation design + professional application support team enable the interactive feedback during the corporation with partners. We are the top one of the very few teams in China who are capable of forward innovation design + high integration + high reliable mixed-signal chips designing based on the characteristic auto-grade wafer process.

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Support customers to develop the world-leading system products with world-leading mixed-signal semiconductor chips.


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Currently support Indiemicro chip universal programmer as follows:





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