Chip Introduction

Full automotive qualification AEC-Q100 Grade1,175℃ junction temperature
12 MOSFET group to four block, both in series or in parallel supported
180mohm Rdson/switch,12bit PWM to control switch independently
power supply from car Battery supply or external 5V, both way supported
Privat protocol based on UART up to 1Mbps with CRC, optional external CAN physical layer to improve robust and EMC
High accurate oscillator integrated with EMC improvement
Internal MTP up to 2Kbit for system configuration and limp home configuration
Programmable Limp home mode in case of communication failure, internal watch dog to monitor communication statues
ADC to monitor Bin, and NTC,BAT, charge pump statues, IC temperature monitor, single LED short /open detection
Slew rate and phase shift control to avoid current spike
Standalone mode
Application:Dynamic PL/DRL/TI,ADB headlamp

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