The iND80210 Chaveiro product is a member of indie’s family of general purpose wireless microcontrollers. It consists of a highly integrated 32-bit general purpose ARM M0-based microcontroller, clocking at up to 20MHz. It also integrates an ASK/FSK/DPSK transmitter operating in the 433MHz ISM band with an output power of up to +13dBm. It is intended to support a wide array of wireless applications including garage door openers and radio controlled industrial door and security systems as well as automotive alarm systems.

The iND80210 integrates 160kB of flash RAM and 8kB of SRAM on die for feature-rich applications or applications requiring redundancy of data storage. It integrates multiple clocking options including a high accuracy (1%) 30MHz RC oscillator and low power (<1uA) 10kHz auxiliary clock. It also contains (3) 32 Bit timers, and a watchdog timer for high performance, low power designs.

Chaveiro also integrates multiple types of GPIOs. There are 10 digital GPIOs: two of these GPIOs can drive LEDs, and one of them is suitable for driving a blue LED as it is coupled to an integrated charge pump circuit.

Chaveiro integrates a power management block including on-chip regulators and can be powered from a voltage range of 2.2V to 3.2V. The on chip power management also produces a regulated 1.8V supplied to an external pin.

iND80210 also contains an 8-bit ADC (SAR architecture) with 12 channels and provides access to a PTAT circuit for battery and temperature monitoring.





Parameter Name Value Comments
Flash 160kB
GPIOs 10
LED Drivers2
ISM 433MHz FSK/DPSK/ASK Transmitter
ADC 1×8-10bits
ADC Channels 1×12
Power Supply 2.2-3.2V
Operation Temperature -10C ~ +60C
Package 4×4 20pins QFN


catgory Link Upload Date
Product Brief chaveiro-ProductBrief.pdf  2018/02/25