Dipper is aimed car interior light application, based on 32bits ARM , running at 16MHz.

Dipper integrates 64KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, High Power Management Unit, 24 x 16bits PWM ,  constant current source for LED control with 200uA step accuracy .

Dipper integrates LED PN junction detection,Over Voltage and Over Temperature circuit.

Dipper integrates 2 x LIN 2.x/SAE J2602, can be configured as master or slave.

Dipper integrates 1 UART, multi-chips of Dipper can be connected through Indie MilkyWay® to expand the LED numbers.



Parameter Name Value Comments
MCU Core ARM M0 32-Bit MCU
Flash 64kB
RAM 16kB
RGB LED 8 Can be extended to 24
PWM 24×16 bits
Power Supply 6-19V
Operation Temperature -40 ~ +125C
Package 6×6 48pins QFN

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