RuGBy is aimed car interior light application, based on 32bits ARM , running at 16MHz.

RuGBy integrates 64KB Flash, 16KB SRAM, High Power Management Unit, 24 x 16bits PWM , max.45mA constant current source for LED control with 200uA step accuracy .

RuGBy integrates max 750mA DC/DC, can be supplied directly from 24V battery.

RuGBy integrates 1 X UART and 2 x SAE J2602 LIN Controller and Transceiver, can be configured as master or slave.

RuGBy integrates LED PN junction detection,Over Voltage and Over Temperature circuit.



Parameter Name Value Comments
MCU Core ARM M0 32-Bit MCU
Flash 64kB
RAM 16kB
RGB LED 8 Can be extended to 24
PWM 24×16 bits
Power Supply 6-19V
Operation Temperature -40 ~ +125C
Package 6×6 48pins QFN

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