Integrated Glucose Meter IC for Medical Applications
Device Description IND86201 is a highly integrated glucose meter system on chip (SoC) specifically designed for the commercial and home medical markets.
IND86201 contains a high performance 32-bit wide ARM M0 core with 160kB of
flash RAM and 8kB of SRAM. A real time clock (RTC), 12MHz RC oscillator,
32kHz sleep mode clock, 10kHz auxiliary clock, and watchdog timer are all
fully integrated on die for high performance, low power design.
The high performance analog front end (AFE) consists of a state of the art
16-bit sigma-delta ADC and two 14-bit DACs which together allow for fast,
highly precise chemical measurements with low calibration requirements.
IND86201 includes integrated power management and is capable of running
entirely off either a 3V battery or the integrated USB port. An integrated
charge pump is capable of generating 4.5V from the battery and supplies
power to the LCD. No other components are required for power regulation
of the IC, creating an efficient, low cost design.
IND86201 integrates multiple interface options. It can drive up to 120 display
elements in a 4 x 30 LCD segment display for feature-rich meaurement
readouts. Ernie also includes a USB 1.1 serial interface supporting control,
bulk, and interrupt transfers so that data can be stored and downloaded at
a later time.
IND86201 easily interfaces to other discrete ICs through standardized UART, I2C
or SPI interfaces and provides 18 GPIO controls to interface with other on-
board components.
IND86201 is pre-certified in medical devices and is currently available in mass
production quantities.



Parameter Name Value Comments
Flash 160kB
ADC 1x16bits
DAC 2x14bits
PWM 2x12bits
USB 1xUSB1.1
LCD Driver 4×30 Segments
Others 1xUART,1xI2C,1xSPI
Power Supply 2.2-3.3V
Operation Temperature -40C ~ +85C
Package  8×8 120pins BGA


catgory LINK Upload Date
White Paper Indie_Ernie_GlucoseMeter_WhitePaper_v4.2.pdf  2018/02/25
Product Brief IND86201-ProductBrief1.pdf  2018/02/25
SDK  2018/02/25